OSRS vs RS3: Which RuneScape to Play?

RuneScape has changed a lot over the years, which many people don’t like. For that reason, Jagex launched Old School RuneScape, or OSRS, which looks and feels like the older version of RuneScape. However, which one should you play? Here is our complete comparison between RS3 and OSRS.


If you compare the gameplay of both OSRS and RS3 side by side, probable the most noticeable difference you will see is in the graphics. RS3 feels way smoother overall. It looks much better and more detailed.

On the other hand, OSRS was designed to look and feel the same as RuneScape as it was at launch. For this reason, the graphics of OSRS are miles behind the graphics of RS3.

PVP Combat

While OSRS might have taken a big hit in the graphics department, the game is actually great at delivering an enjoyable PVP experience. OSRS has tons of special attacks and powerful KO weapons that make the PVP experience much more exciting. It is also why you will find many players taking part in some PVP in OSRS.

RS3 PVP combat feels lacking. The thing is, PVP in RS3 is very complicated, which removes the fun aspect from the whole PVP experience. You will not find many players taking part in PVP in RS3.

PVM Combat

PVM combat in RS3 is a lot more enjoyable than PVP combat. The hundreds of abilities that are available in RS3 make PVM combat much more complex and interactive.

On the other hand, the PVM combat for OSRS is way too basic. All you do is click on the enemy and hope that your in-game character lands a hit. Yup, that’s it. There is practically no verity for PVM combat.

Why People Like OSRS

RS3 might be a massive leap forward from OSRS in many ways, but that doesn’t make it better, at least for some players. Many OSRS fans only gravitate toward that game because of its old-school graphics.

Why is that? Well, the short answer to it is nostalgia. A lot of players started RuneScape when they were in Elementary or High School. They have grown up, and so has the game with many graphical changes. With OSRS, players feel as if they have gone back in time, which is an experience that not many other things can replicate.

Why People Like RS3

People prefer RS3 because of all of its improvements over the previous version of the game. First of all, we have the graphics. OSRS graphics are way too simplistic for today’s standards, and RS3 fixes that issue.

Another improvement RS3 has over OSRS is Run Energy and the Tool Belt. With OSRS, you can spend several hours before reaching a specific location. On your way, if you forgot to bring some essential items, you have to go back.

With RS3, you don’t have to worry about recharging your Run Energy, which makes going from one place to another a breeze, and you also get to carry a tool belt full of necessary items.

The Bottom Line

The debate about whether RS3 or OSRS is better is pointless. While it is true that RS3 has tons of improvements over OSRS, some players prefer the nostalgic feel of OSRS, which is something we can not ignore.

It all depends on personal preference. If you like the grindy gameplay of OSRS, more power to you. If you like to have better graphics and don’t want to spend a ton of time simply traveling on the map, you can play RS3.

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