What is Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 has been considered one of the best games. The game came out with a unique twist to the first-person shooter genre, which everyone loved. Tons of players started pouring into the game soon after its launch. However, not many gamers know about Team Fortress 2 or haven’t even heard about it.

Team Fortress 2, or TF2, is a multiplayer FPS game from 2007. For the longest time, it has been a favorite of many gamers. Keep reading to find answers to questions like who made Team Fortress 2 and how to get better at it.

Key Takeaways

  • Team Fortress 2 is a popular multiplayer FPS game developed by John Cook and Robin Walker and published by Valve Corporation, featuring two teams with a combination of nine character classes engaging in combat using their unique weapon sets and equipment sets to complete various objectives depending on the game mode.
  • Team Fortress 2 offers a large number of items that players can collect and use to personalize their gameplay experience, many of which can be acquired for free through the in-game drop system or purchased through the Steam community market. Keys or Supply Crate Keys have also become a stable currency in the game.
  • Robin Walker and John Cook, who made the original Team Fortress as a free mod for Quake, are the ones who designed or made Team Fortress 2, and it is developed and published by Valve Corporation.
  • Team Fortress 2 has been in development for a long time, with the first public showcase of the game in 1999 at the E3 event, and the final game was officially launched on October 10, 2007.
  • The gameplay of Team Fortress 2 is unique, with little focus on real-life simulation, and features over one hundred maps, with most of them being added to the game with regular updates after its release.

Who Made Team Fortress 2?

Technically, we can say that Valve Corporation is the one who made Team Fortress 2. While that is not wrong or untrue, it is actually two specific people that should be given most of the credit for the development of Team Fortress 2, and those two people are John Cook and Robin Walker.

Robin Walker and John Cook were the ones who made the original Team Fortress as a free mod for Quake. After only two years of Team Fortress, both got employed by Valve Corporation and began the development of Team Fortress 2. So, Team Fortress 2 is designed or made by John Cook and Robin Walker, and it is developed and published by Valve Corporation.

When Did Team Fortress 2 Come Out?

Team Fortress 2 came out a lot later than everyone was expecting it to launch. The game originally began development in 1998 when Valve acquired Robin Walker and John Cook. The first time when Team Fortress 2 was shown to the public was in 1999, at the E3.

After making tons of changes to the game, Team Fortress 2 was again showcased at the 2006 EA Summer Showcase event. The Team Fortress 2 beta was released on the 17th of September 2007, and the final game was officially launched on the 10th of October 2007.

Team Fortress 2 Gameplay Explained

The gameplay of Team Fortress 2 is quite cartoon-like, with little focus on real-life simulation. After playing the game only for a few minutes, it becomes instantly clear that the game is not meant to resemble any modern military shooter like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

The main gameplay of Team Fortress 2 consists of two teams, namely RED and BLU, with each team consisting of a combination of nine character classes. Each player can choose to play whatever class they like. Each class has a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, weapon sets, and equipment.

For PC players, the number of players that can be in one match is 24, which got updated to 32 in 2008. However, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, only 16 players can be in one match.

Both teams engaged in combat using the weapon sets and equipment sets they have to complete an objective. The objective depends on the game mode. For example, if you are playing the Payload game mode, the main objective of the BLU team is to push an explosive cart to a certain location. The explosive cart is set on rails, so there is no way to direct it, all that the BLU team can do is push it. On the other hand, the main objective of the RED team is to prevent the cart from reaching its destination.

To push the cart, the BLU team must stay within a certain range of the cart. As more and more players from the BLU team enter the range, the cart will get faster and faster. To stop the cart, the RED team must eliminate the BLU team.

Team Fortress 2 features over one hundred maps, with most of them being added to the game with regular updates after the game got released.

Team Fortress 2 Items

What makes Team Fortress 2 even more interesting and engaging is the tons of items that are a part of the game. These items are objects that you can collect and then use while playing a match of Team Fortress 2.

Not only is it a great way for players to express themselves, but it also adds another layer of value for players. Players can collect these items and create a collection of all the items they love, and then showcase them in Team Fortress 2 matches.

Along with that, players that have a massive collection of in-game items for Team Fortress 2 can also sell them on the steam community market. The great thing about these in-game items is that the ones that are collectible and marketable are purely cosmetic and have no effect on your chances of winning or losing a match. This way, the game manages to stay away from a pay-to-win title.

Examples of items in Team Fortress 2 include Spooky Shoes, Terrier Trousers, Squid’s Lid, Dead Ringer, Bloke’s Hat, and more. If you are wondering where you can get these items from, then fortunately for you, there are tons of ways for that. What’s great about item acquiring methods in Team Fortress 2 is that a lot of them are completely free.

First of all, the most common way that you can get an item in Team Fortress 2 is through the in-game drop system. All you have to do for that is play the game and after a certain while, you will be rewarded with a free item.

Another common way for getting Team Fortress 2 items is the Steam community market, where you can buy whichever item you like. There are also third-party marketplaces where you can buy and sell Team Fortress 2 items.

Team Fortress 2 Keys

Keys or Supply Crate Keys have been one of the most important parts of Team Fortress 2, and it has also transformed into a stable currency for the game. Team Fortress 2 keys are used to open a Supply Crate, which is like a mystery box that has in-game items.

Team Fortress 2 keys turned into a stable currency because they hold their value really well. You can get a Team Fortress 2 key either from the in-game store called the Mann Co. store or from the Steam community market.

What’s the Point of Team Fortress 2?

The main objective in Team Fortress 2 depends on the game mode. For Attack/Defend mode, the main Objective of the BLU team is to capture control points of the RED team while the RED team tries to stop them.

For Capture the Flag mode, both teams try to steal the enemy team’s flag and then bring it back to their own base. In the Control Points game mode, both teams must fight and secure several control points. With all that said, the main point of Team Fortress 2 is to have fun playing any of the game modes with your friends.

Is Team Fortress 2 Hard to Play?

Team Fortress 2 is an incredibly simple game with fairly simple mechanics. However, since there are a total of nine playable classes, players often perform better or worse depending on their skills and the class they choose.

For example, if a player has really good aim and has a fast-paced playstyle, then the game will be much easier for them if they play as the Scout class instead of the Medic. Or, if a player likes to use snipers, then the game will feel easier if they play as the Sniper class.

All-in-all, if you choose the right class and give it some time, Team Fortress 2 is not hard at all.

How to Get Better at Team Fortress 2?

To get better at Team Fortress 2, the first thing that you should do is decide on what class is best suited for your play style. Some people are more aggressive players, some prefer more of a supportive role, and some prefer sniping. The good thing about Team Fortress 2 is that there is a class for every kind of player. No matter what play style you prefer, there is a place for you in Team Fortress 2.

The next thing that you will need to focus on is your aim. While every class in Team Fortress 2 has a unique ability, the game doesn’t necessarily rely on that. The game relies mostly on aim, and if you have good aim, you will do really well in most matches of Team Fortress 2.

To get a better aim in Team Fortress 2, the first thing that you should take care of is raw input. Make sure that mouse acceleration is turned off and choose a low sensitivity that you are comfortable with.

While both methods for getting better at Team Fortress 2 are great and all, nothing beats practice. So if you are serious about getting better at Team Fortress 2, start playing a lot of it.

Why is Team Fortress 2 so Popular?

Since its launch, Team Fortress 2 has received a great reception, with tons of players flocking over to play the game. Team Fortress 2 has managed to acquire a player count that even most Tripple-A titles couldn’t achieve. But what is the reason for this? Why is Team Fortress 2 so popular?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why Team Fortress 2 is so popular. Firstly, one of the reasons why Team Fortress 2 is so popular is because it introduced a unique gameplay style that most successful video games are taking inspiration from even today. Team Fortress 2 is one of the first first-person shooters to introduce the class system, with each class having unique abilities and unique character models.

The second reason that Team Fortress 2 received such good reception is that it had unconventional graphics for a first-person shooter game at the time it was launched. At the time when Team Fortress 2 was launched, most first-person shooters tried to replicate modern military-style combat, with guns like M4s and AK47s. On the other hand, Team Fortress 2 came out with a completely different look, which attracted a ton of gamers. The game promised to be much more fun and laid back than most other first-person shooters at that time.

How Many People Play Team Fortress 2 NOW?

Team Fortress 2’s concurrent player count is currently nearing its all-time high, with an average concurrent player count of around 80,000 players for the last thirty days.

Depending on the time of day, currently, you can see anywhere from as low as 70,000 players up to around 130,000 players, with most of the day consisting of over 100,000 concurrent players on average.

However, if you check at non-peak hours, you may even see the average concurrent player count dipping below 70,000 players.

Is Team Fortress 2 Dying?

In short, Team Fortress 2 is not dying. In fact, the game is healthier than ever in terms of its concurrent player count. There has been a sudden spike of players a couple of days ago, with the concurrent player count almost reaching all-time highs of around 150,000 concurrent payers.

Even if we look at the Steam charts from 2013 up until now, it is clear that Team Fortress 2 is far from dying. The average player count numbers for Team Fortress 2 starting from 2013 stayed below 100,000 players, and it touched that number three times in November 2014, October 2017, and December 2018.

After that, the concurrent player count numbers saw their all-time low in the June of 2019, and since then, it is clear that the numbers are going nowhere but up. The current player count numbers touched 150,000 players two times since then, first in December of 2020 and then in June of 2021. Currently, the average player count for Team Fortress 2 stays at a healthy 100,000 players, which is difficult even for most Tripple-A games to achieve.


Team Fortress 2 is a great game. It is really fun and feels like a fresh take on the generic first-person shooter genre, despite being so old. What’s great about the game being so old is that almost anyone can run it. Even if you have an old laptop, you can get decent framerates on it.

If you have not tried Team Fortress 2, then you are missing out on a great game. Try it now, push some payloads, collect some items, and have fun with your friends.


What is Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Valve Corporation.

Is Team Fortress 2 free to play?

Yes, Team Fortress 2 is free to play and available on Steam.

How many game modes are there in Team Fortress 2?

There are several game modes in Team Fortress 2, including Capture the Flag, Payload, King of the Hill, and more.

Can I play Team Fortress 2 with friends?

Yes, you can play Team Fortress 2 with friends. The game allows players to form teams and play together.

Is Team Fortress 2 still popular?

Team Fortress 2 is still popular and has a dedicated fan base. As a result, the game receives regular updates from its developers.

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