Can You Buy Gold in OSRS?

The short answer? Yes. As long as you know how to find the gold that has been rightfully earned by a player, then you are completely within your legal rights to purchase Old-School RuneScape (OSRS) gold from a website. The issue that typically comes with this process is finding a reputable vendor who is selling ethically sourced RuneScape gold. Many gold websites are scams or have earned their tender through system hacks or illegal methods.

When put like that, the OSRS gold trade sounds like real-life diamond mining but much safer and with fewer crimes. With that, as long as you head to the right websites and stay away from any scammers, you should be in the clear when buying gold. That’s much easier said than done, unfortunately. Lucky for you, we have a few tips and tricks for buying OSRS gold online.

How to Buy Gold Safely?

Avoid all of the bad websites, and you should be in the clear. Easy, right? Well, unfortunately, a majority of these OSRS gold sites are fake or have gotten their gold through illegal means which will only lead to a ban on your end. Finding a legitimate and reputable website to purchase gold on doesn’t have to be difficult, just know what to look for when determining the quality of a site.

Firstly, if you’ve heard the name of the site before from an article or review, then chances are the site is legit. If the source you heard about it from wasn’t knocking it for being a scam, then you’re in the clear. However, if you’ve stumbled across a new website that you haven’t heard of, the following are clear signs that it’s a scam or the gold was sourced illegally.

If the website doesn’t offer secure payments or isn’t certified by a known source, then chances are it’s a scam site. And even if it’s not, you don’t want to use a gold site that isn’t offering safe payment options. Another sign is if they ask for your RuneScape account password. Gold vendors will not need access to your account, so don’t give it to them.

Where to Find the Gold?

Even after knowing what to look for, finding the right OSRS gold site for you can be a hassle, and no one wants to gamble with a site they’re not 100% sure of. Luckily, we offer countless reviews and lists to help provide you a direction to go in. If you’ve come across a site that you’re unsure of, check it with our reviews – chances are we’ve tested it and discovered the legitimacy of it already.

You’re not alone in your hunt for the perfect OSRS gold site, and we’ve got your back every step of the way. Check out any of our reviews or lists to get a better idea of whether a gold site is legit or a scam. Don’t gamble away your real money for some gold, play it safe, and stick with the websites that are trusted.

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