How to Buy RuneScape Gold Safely?

Whether you’re just getting started and looking for a boost, or you’ve been playing for a while and require a little help, purchasing RuneScape gold online can be one of the best decisions of your RuneScape career. However, if you’re not careful, it can also be the worst. While many websites are legitimate and fair, there are plenty more that are not.

Finding the right place to buy will be a difficult task as many websites are beginning to up their professionalism as they know it will lead to many more scammed users. We’ve taken the liberty to search through hundreds of RuneScape gold websites to find out which ones are real and which are scams. Buying RuneScape gold online could give you the boost in-game that you need, as long as you know how to do it safely.

Avoiding a Ban

This is the first of many issues that players might face when purchasing RuneScape gold. Technically, the gold is considered the property of the developer, Jagex. However, there is no way to tell what a player is doing with the gold so as long as you’re not obvious to the system about the gold trade, you should be safe. Always trade face to face with some junk to disguise the gold trade.

We also have found that many players who have been banned for trading real money for gold have been caught via the public and private chats in the trade place. Whenever you’re trading the gold, make sure your chats are closed and that you leave the place as soon as possible. This makes it harder for the system to track the trade and determine if it was illegal or not.

Securing Gold in a Safe Way

Avoiding a ban is the easy part and, honestly, the less important part. At least with a ban, your entire identity isn’t compromised as it could be if you stumble across a scam website. Luckily, we’ve checked through hundreds of websites to find out who is legitimate and who is not. Once you’ve found a legit RuneScape gold website, everything else is almost guaranteed to be safe.

Once you’ve made a selection of a few websites to test out that you know are safe, you can compare the deals and prices they offer. Many websites that offer these trades know that the lower they go, the more they’ll make so you can find some incredible deals if you know where to look. We’ve highlighted some of the best deals in our reviews of different websites.

Be Smart About the Websites

There are a few tips to help you find any scam websites. The first is if they have a secure payment option or a certification from a trusted group. If the website doesn’t have either of these, you’re running a decent risk of getting scammed.

Also, never give out your account password when buying gold. The website does not need this, and they’re just trying to access and steal your RuneScape account. Being safe when buying gold is all about being smart. Don’t sacrifice your identity on some fools’ gold.

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