Can You Get CS2 Skins Without Prime?

CS2 is a free-to-play game. However, certain features of CS2 are locked behind a paywall called the Prime status upgrade. However, what features exactly are locked is something that many CS2 players get confused about. One of those features is the ability to get CS2 skins.

The short answer is yes. You can have CS2 skins in your inventory without purchasing the Prime status upgrade. However, things get a bit complicated when we start discussing how you can get those skins. Here is a detailed explanation of if and how you can get CS2 skins without Prime.

What is CS2 Prime?

To understand whether you can get skins in CS2 without Prime, we must first look at what Prime is. The Prime status upgrade costs $14.99 and unlocks some of the most essential features of the game.

The main features locked behind CS2 Prime include the ability to receive a rank and access to the Premiere game mode. Users that have Prime CS2 also get access to Prime lobbies, which only include other Prime players.

While getting a rank based on your skill level is one of the flagship features of CS2, all essential game modes are unlocked for even free-to-play players. In other words, you can enjoy CS2 and the competitive game mode without spending money on Prime.

Getting Free Skins in CS2 Without Prime

A great feature in CS2 is the weekly care package that drops free skins, cases, and other cosmetic items. Players have to play the game and gain some XP. They get the free drop once they have played enough to gain a certain amount of XP.

However, the weekly care package is also one of those features locked behind the Prime status upgrade. In other words, if you were thinking about getting CS2 skins for free just by playing the game, then sadly, you won’t be able to do that without Prime.

Buying CS2 Skins Without Prime

Fortunately, the weekly care package isn’t the only way to get skins in CS2. You can also get whatever skins you like from the Steam community market. However, this isn’t a free method since you will actually be purchasing skins from other players.

The good news is that you can purchase as many skins as you want, keep them in your CS2 inventory, and play CS2 matches while having them equipped without the need for the Prime status upgrade. So, you can technically get CS2 skins without Prime if you are willing to pay for those skins.

Trading CS2 Skins Without Prime

Not only can you purchase CS2 skins without Prime, but you can also trade with your CS2 skins. Thanks to the trading feature enabled, you can purchase CS2 skins from third-party marketplaces. Just make sure that you are using a legitimate and trustworthy platform. If you don’t know of such platforms, you can check out our list of the best places to buy CS2 skins.

Keep in mind that your Steam account must be trade-enabled for you to trade CS2 skins or even purchase them from the Steam community market. If you’ve made a brand new Steam account to play CS2 for free, your account might be limited. Limited Steam accounts have certain features like trading locked. You can check out more information from the official Steam support page for limited accounts.


You can get CS2 skins without Prime if you don’t mind paying cash for them and don’t have a limited Steam account. Unfortunately, the weekly care package is locked behind Prime, which means you cannot get free CS2 skins without Prime.

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