Counter-Strike 2 New Features Explained

After waiting over ten years, the sequel to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Counter-Strike 2, has finally been announced. CS2 will include many new and exciting features that improve the gameplay experience. To help you get up to speed, here is an extensive explaination of all the changes with Counter-Strike 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is set to introduce a new Sub-Tick system that will improve the responsiveness of matches and alleviate hit registration issues previously experienced with low tick-rate servers.
  • CS2 will overhaul smoke grenades to create a dynamic, more life-like smoke that interacts with objects and fills spaces naturally.
  • The game will feature three levels of map changes: Overhauls, Upgrades, and Touchstones. These changes range from fully rebuilt maps using the Source 2 engine to improved visibility and lighting on existing maps.
  • Visual effects in CS2, including bullet impacts, blood splatter physics, explosions, fire, and muzzle flashes, have been completely redesigned to appear more realistic.
  • CS2 will see significant improvements to both the user interface, enhancing overall readability, and the environmental audio, creating a more immersive and detailed soundscape.

New Features in Counter-Strike 2: What You Need To Know

Several new features coming with Counter-Strike 2 have been revealed, and from the community reaction we have observed, players love all the changes. Here are all the new features of CS2 that you should know about.

New Sub-Tick System

The first and probably the most massive change coming to Counter-Strike with CS2 that you need to know about is the brand-new tick-rate system. Valve calls it the Sub-Tick system, which will significantly improve the responsiveness of Counter-Strike matches.

You might have experienced hit registration issues because of low tick-rate servers where you shoot an enemy, but they don’t take any damage. With this new Sub-Tick system that Valve has developed for Counter-Strike 2, those hit-registration issues will be a thing of the past.

Smoke Grenades

The second significant change you should know about is the smoke grenade overhaul. In CSGO, smoke bombs created a ball of smoke that nothing could interact with. It was just there.

With CS2, smoke bombs will create a ball of dynamic smoke particles. In other words, they will interact with objects and change their shape accordingly. They will feel much more life-like, filling out spaces more naturally.

Map Changes

According to the official video released on Valve’s YouTube channel, Counter-Strike 2 will have three types or levels of map changes. These types include Touchstone, Upgrades, and Overhauls.

As the name suggests, Overhaul maps will include fully rebuilt maps using the Source 2 engine. Upgrade maps, on the other hand, will have the same original layout but with significantly improved lighting and textures thanks to the Source 2 engine. Finally, Touchstone maps will remain the same for the most part but will have better visibility and lighting.

New Visual Effects

Counter-Strike 2 has a ton of changes to the visual effects. Visual effects, including bullet impacts, blood splatter physics, explosions, fire, and muzzle flashes, have been completely redesigned from the ground up.

As we have observed in the gameplay footage from players who received access to the limited testing, all visual effects appear much more life-like. With CS2, fire, blood splatter, and explosions look similar to how they might look in real life.

UI Overhaul

The UI overhaul is probably one of the changes the community has been asking for a long time. The UI of the game will change quite significantly with Counter-Strike 2, and listing all of the changes would be out of the scope of this article. In short, you should know that the UI of the game will feel clearer, improving overall readability.

Better Audio

Along with all the visual changes, Counter-Strike 2 also brings massive reworks to the environmental audio of the game. All the sounds you hear in the game will feel much more immersive and detailed.

One of the noticeable changes you can experience if you have access to limited testing includes the sound of dropping the weapon. When you drop a gun, it will sound different depending on the surface you drop it on.


With all these changes, Counter-Strike 2 promises to offer a more immersive and life-like gaming experience. Plus, gamers will no longer have to worry about hit registration issues with the help of the brand-new Sub-Tick system. However, multiple other changes have not yet gotten announced. Follow us to keep updated.


What is the Sub-Tick system in Counter-Strike 2?

The Sub-Tick system is a new feature in Counter-Strike 2 that significantly improves the responsiveness of matches. It’s designed to resolve hit registration issues often encountered with low tick-rate servers, making gameplay smoother and more accurate.

How are smoke grenades changing in Counter-Strike 2?

In Counter-Strike 2, smoke grenades are being overhauled to create a more dynamic and life-like smoke effect. Instead of a static ball of smoke, the new smoke will interact with objects and change shape accordingly, filling spaces more naturally.

Can you explain the different types of map changes in Counter-Strike 2?

Counter-Strike 2 introduces three types of map changes: Overhauls, Upgrades, and Touchstones. Overhaul maps are fully rebuilt using the Source 2 engine. Upgrade maps maintain the original layout but have significantly improved lighting and textures. Touchstone maps remain largely the same but feature better visibility and lighting.

How have visual effects been improved in Counter-Strike 2?

Visual effects in Counter-Strike 2, including bullet impacts, blood splatter physics, explosions, fire, and muzzle flashes, have been completely redesigned. These changes aim to make the visual effects appear more realistic and life-like.

What improvements are being made to the audio in Counter-Strike 2?

Counter-Strike 2 is introducing massive reworks to the environmental audio to create a more immersive and detailed soundscape. One specific change is that the sound made when a weapon is dropped will vary depending on the surface it lands on, adding to the overall realism of the game.

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