CS2 Danger Zone Ranks Explained

Since the launch of CS2, the Danger Zone game mode hasn’t been available in the game. However, since it might come to CS2 soon and will likely have a similar set of rules and ranking system as when it was in CSGO, we’ll explain the CSGO version of Danger Zone here.

What is Danger Zone CS2?

Danger Zone is Counter-Strike’s attempt at the Battle Royale genre. Back when BR games started getting popular, Valve decided to come up with their own BR game mode for Counter-Strike, which is Danger Zone. The rules are similar to other BR games like Apex Legends or Fortnite.

CS2 Danger Zone Ranks Explained

CS2 Danger Zone is also a ranked game mode just like the Competitive mode. In other words, when you play several matches of Danger Zone, you’ll receive a rank based on your skill level. However, these ranks have no link with the Competitive game mode ranks, and your rank or skill level in one game mode won’t affect the other.

Here is the list of all the ranks in Danger Zone CS2:

  • Rat 1
  • Rat 2
  • Hare 1
  • Hare 2
  • Scout 1
  • Scout 2
  • Scout Elite
  • Fox 1
  • Fox 2
  • Fox 3
  • Fox Elite
  • Timber Wolf
  • Ember Wolf
  • Wildfire Wolf
  • Howling Alpha

As you can see, the ranking system of the Danger Zone game mode consists of 15 different ranks. Of those 15 ranks, 14 are part of five categories, whereas the last is a stand-alone rank called the Howling Alpha. Those categories include Rat, Hare, Scout, Fox, and Wolf.

The icons for four of the CS2 Danger Zone ranks have symbols of animals, whereas the icon for the Scout rank has a paw symbol with claw marks. You can think of Rat as Silver from the Competitive mode, Hare as Gold Nova, Scout as Master Guardian, Fox as Legendary Eagle, Wolf as Supreme Master First Class, and the Howling Alpha as the Global Elite.

How Does the Danger Zone Ranking System Work?

The ranking system for the CS2 Danger Zone works the same way as the Competitive mode. You play a few matches and get assigned a rank based on your performance. Now, when you find new matches, you get paired with other players with similar ranks as yours. As you play more and your skill level goes up or down, you move up or go down the ranks.

How to Rank Up in CS2 Danger Zone?

Ranking up in the Danger Zone game mode for CS2 will require you to improve your performance. The exact metrics aren’t yet revealed by Valve. However, we know that getting more kills, winning more matches, and focusing more on the objective are some of them. If you get better at Danger Zone, you will eventually rank up.


The ranking system of CS2 DangerZone is the same as the one for any other ranked game mode within CS2. What’s different is the list of ranks that are part of Danger Zone. Start practicing, and you’ll soon reach the highest ranks for Danger Zone CS2.

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