Do People Still Play Team Fortress 2?

Yes! Definitely, people still play Team Fortress 2. At any time of the day that you pick, you can expect to see tens of thousands of players playing Team Fortress 2. According to the Steam charts of the concurrent player count at the time of writing this, a total of 60,000 players are playing Team Fortress 2. Depending on what time of the day you check, the concurrent player count can either be higher than this number or it can be lower. But if you are worried about not being able to find any game, then you don’t have to worry. You can pick any time of the day to play Team Fortress 2 and find a bunch of players, and you will easily find a match for it.

While most people may think that the game would have died out by now, as it has been over 14 years, the stats actually suggest that the game is nowhere near dead. Another surprising thing is that the game did not achieve its maximum player count in its early days. According to the steam charts, Team Fortress 2 managed to achieve a max player count of 150,037 in the June of 2021. In other words, instead of its player count declining since its launch, the player count has actually been increasing. However, Steam charts data for Team Fortress 2 before 2012 is not available so another peak may have happened before that.

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