How Many Skills are There in OSRS?

Just like you have skills in real life, your in-game character in Old School RuneScape also has skills. If you want to improve at a particular skill, you must practice doing more of it, which is also what you do in the game. Here is our take on all the skills that are available in OSRS.

In OSRS, there are 23 skills available to a player. There are two types of skills in OSRS, with 15 being the free-to-play skills and 8 being the members-only skills. The free-to-play skills are available for both paid OSRS members and free-to-play players. However, the members-only skills are only available for paid OSRS members.

Here is a list of all the free-to-play skills and their function in OSRS:

  • Attack: The Attack skill allows you to wield powerful melee weapons and improve your accuracy in melee attacks.
  • Cooking: As the name suggests, you can cook and make food.
  • Crafting: Crafting is probably one of the most important skills in almost all role-playing games. It allows you to craft items, which in OSRS includes armor, jewelry, and pottery.
  • Defense: This skill helps you increase your protection from incoming damage by allowing you to wear stronger armor and decreasing the chances of getting hit.
  • Firemaking: Firemaking allows you to light fires.
  • Fishing: Catch fish.
  • Hitpoints: Similar to the Defense skill, the Hitpoints skill allows you to survive more difficult battles. It increases the total amount of damage you can withstand.
  • Magic: With the Magic skill, you can cast spells that can damage enemies or help you in other ways.
  • Mining: Allows you to extract ores and other minerals from rocks.
  • Prayer: Allows you to activate a temporary aid that assists you in combat.
  • Ranged: The Ranged skill helps you equip more powerful ranged weapons and increase your ranged accuracy.
  • Runecraft: This skill allows you to create runes used for casting Magic.
  • Smithing: With the smithing skill, you can smelt ores into bars and then forge those bars into weapons and armor.
  • Strength: This skill improves your Strength and allows you to inflict more melee damage. It also allows you to equip specific weapons.
  • Woodcutting: As the name suggests, it helps you cut down trees.

Here is a list of all the members-only skills and their function in OSRS:

  • Agility: It increases the rate at which your energy recharges and allows traversing shortcuts.
  • Construction: Allows you to build a house that you can own.
  • Farming: As the name suggests, it allows you to plant and harvest crops.
  • Fletching: An important skill that allows you to make ammunition for ranged weapons.
  • Herblore: You can make potions out of herps using this skill.
  • Hunter: Capture animals.
  • Slayer: Kill certain monsters, which can’t be killed without this skill.
  • Thieving: Steal and pickpocket.


Skills are an important aspect of OSRS. There are about 23 of them in total. 15 skills are available for free-to-play players, and 8 skills, on top of the 15, are available for members-only players.

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