How To Be Good At Team Fortress 2?

Tired of losing a lot in Team Fortress 2? Need some tips on how to get better? Here is our take on how you can get better at Team Fortress 2.

Firstly, click on “OPTIONS” from the main menu, then click on the “Mouse” tab, and then make sure that “Raw input” is checked and “Mouse acceleration” is unchecked. Mouse acceleration changes your sensitivity depending on how fast you are moving your mouse. Turning it off will allow you to have a much more consistent aim.

Next, go to the “Mouse” tab in the in-game settings, and try tweaking your sensitivity. As a good rule of thumb, you should be able to make a full 360 with one swipe of your mouse from left to right on the mouse pad. Your sensitivity will probably be a lot higher than this so try lowering it with incremental changes. After testing out several sensitivities, pick the one you performed the best with.

Finally, go to the video settings and lower all graphics settings if your PC is not able to crank out over 140 FPS. A framerate lower than 140 will result in issues like input lag which will lower your in-game performance. You can also try lowering the resolution to 720p to get more FPS.

At the end of the day, nothing beats practice. So play the game as often as you can so you can get some practice in and get better at the game.

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