How To Check Who Got Banned CSGO?

If you have been playing CSGO for a long time and have played with many people, it only seems natural to be curious about someone you know getting banned from CSGO. If you want to learn how to check who got banned from CSGO, you are at the right place. 

While there is no way to accurately tell who got banned, you can use several techniques like checking a user’s Steam community profile, looking at Reddit communities of Facebook groups, and more. Here is our complete guide on how to check who got banned from CSGO, where we explain all those techniques.

Key Takeaways

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Checking the Steam Community Profile

If you are curious about a Steam profile and are wondering if that profile got banned, the first place you should check is the Steam Community website. Each player with a Steam account can create a profile for the Steam community website. 

If you know that a player has created a Steam Community profile, you can check whether they were banned. To do that, open their Steam Community profile, and you will see a note which indicates that they have been banned from CSGO. However, this method isn’t one hundred percent reliable. 

Checking CSGO Reddit Communities and Facebook Groups

If you can not find a note on the Steam Community profile, you can try looking at CSGO Reddit communities or Facebook groups. Both of these are online communities dedicated to discussions related to Counter-Strike Global Offensive. If something new just got added to the game, these communities are probably the first source to notify you. 

Once a player gets banned from CSGO, it is quite likely that someone would have posted about it on one of those communities. The word gets around pretty fast, and it is quite common to see posts about people getting banned in these types of communities. However, this is also not a reliable method. 

Asking the Player Directly

One of the most underrated methods of figuring out who got banned on CSGO is simply asking that person. Many people think that the person will lie about getting banned. However, you’d be surprised to see how many people actually tell the truth.

If you are wondering whether a particular player was banned from CSGO, you can try messaging them on Steam. If they really did get banned, they will probably tell you. However, there is no way of being one hundred percent sure if they are lying about not being banned. 

Using Third Party Platforms

One problem you might have noticed with all the methods mentioned above is that neither of them guarantees an accurate result. You won’t know for sure if the player got banned or not. 

If you want to be certain about the ban status of a particular Steam account, you can check third-party platforms. There are several platforms out there that are designed to detect a VAC ban on Steam accounts. All you have to do is go to a ban checker platform like VacList, enter the Steam ID of the person in question, and then run the checker. The platform will automatically check whether that account has a VAC ban and will display it on your screen.

Can You Check Why You Got Banned From CSGO?

Sadly, the answer to it is no. According to official Steam support statements, there is no way of figuring out why a Steam account got banned. Not only that but the person who got banned also will not be told why they got banned. The only thing that a person will know after getting banned is whether it was a VAC ban or an Overwatch ban. From this, they can try to figure out what they might have done to get a CSGO ban. 


You can try checking their Steam Community profile, looking for a post about them in online CSGO communities, or asking them directly if you want to know if a person got banned from CSGO. You can also check third-party platforms like VacList. However, there is no official method of finding out who got banned on Steam.


What is a VAC ban?

A VAC ban is a ban that prevents players from playing the game and is issued to players caught by the VAC anti-cheat system for using cheating software.

How can I avoid getting banned from CSGO?

To avoid getting banned from CSGO, play fair and follow the game’s rules. Do not use hacks, exploits, or cheats, and do not engage in any behavior that could be deemed suspicious. Remember that the penalty system in CSGO is designed to prevent cheaters from playing and ruining the experience for others.

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