How To Get Weapons In Team Fortress 2?

Weapons in Team Fortress 2 don’t need to be unlocked. Instead, they are available for everyone. However, if you want weapons that look different from regular ones, you must get some weapon skins. To help you with that, here is our complete guide on how to get weapons in Team Fortress2.

Get Weapons in Team Fortress 2

There are several ways you can get weapons in TF2. The first way to get weapons is through random item drops. As you play more and more matches in Team Fortress 2, you start getting random item drops. These drops may include weapon skins.

Another way you can get weapons in Team Fortress 2 is by crafting them with resources and other items. However, you’ll need scrap metal and blueprints. A better way to get weapons in Team Fortress 2 is to open a Supply Crate. To do that, you need some crates, and you also need to buy keys.

If you don’t like any of the methods mentioned above, you always have the option to purchase weapons from the Steam community market. Buying TF2 weapons this way is much better than opening crates or waiting for random drops since you can instantly get precisely what you want. 


Obtaining weapons in Team Fortress 2 is an easy process, and there are several methods you can use for that. Pick a method that suits your preferences and get some weapon skins to show off in-game. 

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