How to Make Dragon Darts in OSRS?

Dragon Darts are great for ranged attacks. You can also make Dragon Darts yourselves. If you want to learn how to make them, you are at the right place. Here is our complete guide on how to make Dragon Darts.

What are Dragon Darts in OSRS?

There is a wide variety of weapons in OSRS. There is a weapon for all types of playstyles. There are two main categories of weapons in OSRS, with the first one being close-range and melee weapons and the other one being long-range weapons.

Dragon Darts fall into the Ranged throwing weapon category. To be able to wield a Dragon Dart in OSRS, you need to have at least a 60 level in the Ranged skill. Players can also use Dragon Darts along with a shield for protection. Players can also poison Dragon Darts for additional damage.

How to Make Dragon Darts?

To start creating Dragon Darts in OSRS, you must acquire some Dragon Dart Tips. If you have made regular Darts in OSRS, you might already know that you can create a Dart Tip using the Smithing skill.

You can make dart tips from bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, and rune. However, that’s not the case for Dragon Dart tips. You can not create them using the Smithing skill.

To acquire a Dragon Dart Tip, you have to kill a monster. Once you kill certain monsters in OSRS, they will drop Dragon Dart Tips. However, the probability for a Dragon Dart Tip to appear in the drop varies from one monster to another.

The monsters you need to kill to get a Dragon Dart Tip include the Dragon Implying, Grotesque Guardians, King Black Dragon, Brutal Blue Dragon, Brutal Red Dragon, Brutal Black Dragon, and Vorkath. We recommend you kill the Vorkath, the Grotesque Guardians, and the King Black Dragon because they have the highest drop rate for Dragon Dart Tips.

Once you have acquired some Dragon Dart Tips, you need to acquire some feathers, which is the last item you will need. You can buy feathers from several stores in OSRS.

The best way to get some feathers in OSRS is to kill some chickens and then pick up feathers as they drop them after being killed. A chicken will drop 5, 10, or 15 feathers at a time.

Now that you have acquired the two essential items for making Dragon Darts, you can move on to the next step, which is combining them. To combine them together, you need to have a Fletching level of at least 95.

After reaching level 95 on the Fletching skill, you can start combining Dragon Dart Tips with Feathers to create Dragon Darts using the Fletching skill. With each set of Dragon Darts you create, you will be rewarded 250 Fletching experience.


To create some Dragon Darts, you need to get some Dragon Dart Tips by killing monsters and some Feathers by killing some chickens. Once you have done that, you can combine them using the Fletching skill to create Dragon Darts. However, you must be at level 95 in Fletching.

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