How To Pause In Dota 2?

To pause a match in Dota 2, press the “F9” key. However, the game will not stay paused forever. You can’t just pause the game to get a glass of water or because you want to do some other thing. Also, you can not just spam this, again and again, to pause the match again and again. Valve has thought just about everything while developing Dota 2. They know that if the pause option in Dota 2 had some flaw, then players would just spam it or find a way to exploit it.

You might be wondering then, what use is there for a pause option in Dota 2. Well, the main reason that you would want to pause the game is that one of your players has been disconnected from the match. If this happens then it’s a 4 v 5, which is a major disadvantage to your team. Also if you know why your teammate has disconnected and you know that they are reconnecting in the game, a way to pause the game would really benefit you.

So, if you want to buy some time so your teammate comes back into the match, simply press the “F9” key, and the match will be paused for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the enemy team can press “F9” to unpause the match. However, if none of your teammates is disconnected, the enemy team can press the “F9” key to unpause the match right after three seconds of you pausing the match.

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