How to Switch Hands in CS2?

People have different preferences when it comes to in-game settings for CS2. Many gamers don’t know this, but certain players prefer that their in-game characters hold the weapon in their left hand. If that’s the case with you, you are at the right place. Here’s a complete guide on how to switch hands in CS2.

Key Takeaways

  • CS2 currently does not have an option to switch the in-game character’s weapon hand, but it was available in CSGO, suggesting it might be added in the future.
  • To switch hands in CSGO, open the console, enter the left or right-hand command, and press enter.
  • You can also bind a key to switch hands once the feature is added to the game.
  • Players who prefer holding the weapon in their left hand will be able to use this feature when it’s introduced by Valve.

Switching Hands in CS2

Unfortunately, you can’t switch hands in CS2, at least for the game’s current build. However, if Valve decides to add it later, we know how you can use that feature since it was available in CSGO. To switch hands in CS2, open the console, enter the right or left-hand command, and press enter. Here is a step-by-step guide on that.

  • Step 1: Launch CS2, click the play option from the top midsection of the home screen, and enter a practice match with bots to see the changes take effect.

  • Step 2: Press the “~” key to open the console. It’s the one located directly under the “Esc” key.

  • Step 3: Type the left-hand command and press the enter key to switch the weapon into your left hand.

  • Step 4: Type the right-hand command and press the enter key to switch the weapon back into your right hand.

  • Step 5: Or you can type “bind [key] “hand switch command” in the console, with [key] being the key you want to bind to switch hands during a match and the hand switch command being the command to switch hands when the feature gets added to the game.

  • Step 6: Tap on the [key] during a match to switch hands.


A popular setting that players mess around with in CS2 is switching which hand their in-game character holds the weapon in. However, this feature is not currently in the game. Fortunately, when Valve decides to add it, you know exactly how to use it.


Is it possible to switch hands in CS2 currently?

No, as of the game’s current build, there is no in-game option to switch the hand your character holds the weapon. This feature is not available in CS2 at the moment.

Why would I want to switch hands in CS2?

Players have different preferences when it comes to in-game settings, and some may find it more comfortable or effective to have their character hold the weapon in the left hand. While it’s not available now, this feature might be introduced in the future for those who prefer it.

How do I bind a key to switch hands in CS2?

To bind a key for switching hands in CS2 (when the feature is eventually added), you can use the console with the command “bind [key] ‘hand switch command’.” Replace “[key]” with the key you want to use and “hand switch command” with the command you’ll use for switching hands.

Can I test switching hands in a real game environment?

The guide recommends entering a practice match with bots to test the changes. While this doesn’t simulate a real online match, it allows you to see how your preference for hand placement affects your gameplay.

How can I stay updated on CS2 features and updates?

To stay informed about CS2 updates and potential additions like the hand-switching feature, it’s best to follow official Valve announcements, visit the CS2 website, and check community forums or social media channels where updates are often shared. Be on the lookout for news regarding new game features and updates.

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