Is Counter-Strike 2 Going to be Available on Mac?

Counter-Strike 2 will be one of the most massive upgrades for CSGO, and the launch of the game is coming near. Since the Mac is a popular platform for CSGO, most gamers want to know about the availability of Counter-Strike 2 on macOS. Keep reading to figure out precisely that.

Key Takeaways

  • Counter-Strike 2 is likely to be available on Mac, considering the long-standing support of CSGO on this platform.
  • The limited test for Counter-Strike 2 is currently not available for Mac users.
  • While official Mac system requirements for CS2 haven’t been revealed, they’re expected to be slightly higher than those for CSGO.
  • Counter-Strike 2 will be PC-exclusive at launch, with no confirmed plans for console release.
  • Despite the lack of official confirmation, a console version of CS2 may potentially be released after its initial launch.

Counter-Strike 2 Support For Mac OS

In short, the answer is yes, Counter-Strike 2 will be available on Mac. However, Valve has not yet confirmed whether Counter-Strike 2 will be available on Mac. There hasn’t been much information released regarding other supported platforms either. The only confirmation released is that CS2 will be a PC-exclusive title and will be available on Windows.

Since Valve has not exactly confirmed it, there is a possibility of CS2 launching as a Windows-exclusive title. So why are we saying that CS2 will be available on macOS?

Firstly, a large number of gamers play CSGO on their Macs. While the Mac player base isn’t huge compared to gamers that play CSCO on Windows, it is significant. If CS2 isn’t available for the Mac at launch, players that only have access to a Mac wouldn’t be able to play Counter-Strike anymore. Valve won’t want to lose that player base.

Another thing suggesting that CS2 would be available for macOS at launch is the launch of CSGO. Back in 2012, CSGO got launched for both Windows and macOS devices. Because of all these reasons, we can safely assume that CS2 will most likely be available on Mac.

Can I Play Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test On Mac?

Sadly, the limited test for Counter-Strike 2 is not available on Mac. As you might have already been aware, the CS2 limited test has begun, and certain players have gotten access to it. Several players who received an invitation for the limited test want to experience it on their Macs.

Unfortunately, there is no way of playing the CS2 limited test on the macOS. Valve has confirmed this through the official Steam Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test FAQ. The FAQ explicitly states that the Counter-Strike 2 limited test is only available on Windows.

However, there might be a workaround for this. People have successfully been able to play CSGO on a Mac while running Windows on it. If you do that for the Counter-Strike 2 limited test, you might be able to experience it on your Mac. It might also be a popular workaround that gamers will use if CS2 is not available on Mac at launch.

Counter-Strike 2 Mac System Requirements

Valve hasn’t revealed the official requirements for the game for Mac either. However, we can assume they will be similar to CSGO’s current requirements. While they will be a bit higher for CS2, it likely won’t be a massive increase since Valve focuses a lot on making Counter-Strike accessible to more players.

For a rough idea of what you can expect the CS2 Mac system requirements to be, here are the Mac system requirements for CSGO.

OS: MacOS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later

Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2400 or better / NVIDIA 8600M or better

Storage: 15 GB available space


Valve has not released any confirmation on whether Counter-Strike 2 will be available on Mac. However, the game will likely be released for macOS since CSGO has been available on the platform for a long time. Console gamers, on the other hand, will have to wait for announcements regarding a console version of CS2.


Will Counter-Strike 2 definitely be available on macOS?

Valve has not officially confirmed macOS support, but it’s likely due to the existing CSGO Mac player base.

Can I participate in the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test on Mac?

No, the limited test is not available for Mac users.

What are the expected Mac system requirements for Counter-Strike 2?

Although not officially announced, they are expected to be slightly higher than CSGO’s current requirements.

Will Counter-Strike 2 be released on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox?

There are no confirmed plans for a console release, but it could potentially be released on consoles after its initial launch.

Is there a possibility of a console version for Counter-Strike 2?

While Valve hasn’t officially ruled it out, console gamers will have to wait for further announcements regarding a potential console release.

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