Is Team Fortress 2 Cross Platform?

Unfortunately, Team Fortress 2 is not Cross Platform. In other words, there is no way that you can play Team Fortress 2 with players that play it on a video game console, while you play on a PC. It has been this way since launch, and from what we have observed until now, it does not seem that cross platform support will be coming to the game any time soon. There are two main reasons for this.

First of all, the version of the game available for PC is way different than the one available for the consoles. Team Fortress 2 for both consoles, Xbox 360 and Play Station, are different ports and have tons of differences as compared to the PC port. Implementing a cross platform system for the game now will cause tons of problems, which are not worth the trouble.

The second reason that Team Fortress does not and will never support cross platform is that PC players have a significant competitive edge over console players. Because of the mouse that PC gamers have access to, they can play on a much lower sensitivity, which in turn leads to a much more precise aim. The level of precision for the aim that a mouse can achieve is unmatched by the controllers of consoles. While some console players may be able to play better than PC players, the overall console community will be at a disadvantage, which will make the game no fun to play.

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