What is Rust Game?

You probably have heard of Rust if you like playing survival-style games. Also, almost anyone who has been gaming for over a year knows about Rust. But what exactly is Rust, and why is it so popular in the gaming community? In this article, we’ll try to answer precisely that.

In short, Rust is one of the most popular survival video games, with hundreds of thousands of players from around the world. If you are also a fan of the Rust game and want to learn more about it, then you are at the right place. Continue reading to find answers to questions related to Rust, like when did Rust launch and what’s its gameplay like.

Key Takeaways

  • Rust is a popular survival-style video game developed by Facepunch Studios that was first released in December 2013 and came out as a full game in February 2018.
  • The gameplay of Rust revolves around survival, gathering materials, crafting items and weapons, and building a base to protect yourself, and combat is based on weapons.
  • The console version of Rust was developed in conjunction with another British video game developer and publisher, Double Eleven, and was released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 21, 2021.
  • There are a variety of weapons available in Rust, some of which can be crafted, some bought, and some can only be found, and materials are needed to craft them.
  • Rust allows players to express themselves and make the game more fun by offering several skins that can be used to customize their characters or items.

Who Made Rust?

The short answer to the question is that Rust was made or developed by Facepunch Studios. Facepunch Studios is a British video game developer and publisher. Facepunch Studios is also known for making other popular video games like Garry’s mod. However, this is only the PC version of the game.

When it comes to the console version of Rust, it is actually more than one developer that made it. The console version of Rust, playable on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, was developed in conjunction with another British video game developer and publisher, Double Eleven.

When Did Rust Come Out?

Rust was first released in December 2013. However, this was just the early access version of the game. Rust stayed in early access for over four years. Rust came out as a full game for all gamers to enjoy on the 8th of February in 2018.

However, Rust was only available for Microsoft Windows and macOS when it first came out. It was not until about two and a half years later that the console version of Rust came out. The console version of Rust came out on the 21st of May in 2021.

Rust Gameplay Explained

Imagine that you just landed on a random island, and you have literally nothing with you, not even clothes. All you get is a rock and a torch. Now you have to try not to die as other people might come to kill you while finding food and water to keep yourself from dying of hunger.

What we described above is what the gameplay of Rust is like in a nutshell. Let’s discuss a bit more about the gameplay of Rust.

Your main objective as you play Rust is to survive. To do that, the first thing that you should keep in mind is your hunger and thirst. You will need to find food and water.

To make your life easier, you can gather materials like rocks or wood to build stuff. If you want, you can also steal stuff from other players. However, they will likely put up a fight before letting you take all their stuff.

Not only do you have to worry about other players trying to kill you, but you also have to avoid getting killed by predators like bears and wolves. However, the bonus of dealing with animals is that you can kill them for meat and cloth.

You might be wondering how to kill animals in Rust? Well, that’s what you get the rock for. You can use it as a weapon. Or you can use it to cut down trees or break apart stones. As you gather more and more items, you can craft stuff like weapons and tools.

Once you have gathered a lot of items and crafted some stuff, you will need to build a base so you can stay protected in it. To improve your chances of not dying, you can also join clans.

Rust Weapons

Combat in Rust revolves around weapons. Fortunately, there are a ton of weapons in the game. The list of weapons in Rust includes simple melee weapons like a Stone Spear or a Wooden Spear and some cool high-powered weapons like the M249 LMG or the L96 Snipe, both of which are really powerful.

You might be wondering where you can get these weapons from in Rust. Well, you can craft some of the simpler weapons. You can also buy some of them. However, there are several weapons in Rust that can neither be crafted nor can they be bought.

The weapons you can’t buy or craft are some of the most powerful weapons in Rust. To acquire them, you will have to find them. You can find them at different locations on the map. However, don’t get your hopes up because they are pretty rare. You won’t be finding one in a couple of hours of exploring the map.

To craft weapons, you will need to gather some materials. These materials include wood, metal fragments, cloth, pipes, high quality metal, metal springs, and metal bodies for weapons like SMGs. To buy weapons from different vendors on the map, you will need scraps, which is the currency of the Rust World.

If you are looking to craft a good beginner weapon, then we recommend the Double Barrel Shotgun. This weapon is a heavy hitter at close range. It can deal maximum damage of 180 points at point-blank range with two shells. You will need 175 Metal Fragments and 2 Metal Pipes to craft this.

Another great weapon to craft in Rust is the Assault Rifle. The Assault Rifle has a difficult to control recoil. However, it has tons of damage. To craft the Assault Rifle, you will need 50 units of High Quality Metal, 1 Rifle Body, 3 Metal Springs, and 200 units of Wood.

Rust Skins

To make the game a bit more fun and to allow players to express themselves, Rust has several skins that players can equip. There are a lot of skins to choose from. Each skin has a different design, color, and shape. With this much variety, almost anyone can find a skin they like.

There are several places where you can get some Rust skins from. The most common places to get Rust skins to include the in-game item store and the Steam Community Market. However, you can also get Rust skins from third-party marketplaces. You can also get Rust skins for free from in-game drops and twitch drops.

What’s the Point of Rust?

Technically the main objective of Rust is to survive. You have to manage your hunger, health, and thirst, so you don’t die, and you also have to avoid getting killed by other players or any of the animals roaming around the map.

However, most people tend to struggle with the end goal of Rust after a couple of hours of playing it. What is the point of Rust? Well, to put it simply, it is not about the destination. Rather, it is about the journey. The way that you use all the tools at your disposal while outsmarting the enemy using your mind is what Rust is all about.

Is Rust Hard to Play?

If you have never played a survival game, you will have a tough time in Rust. Rust can sometimes be difficult even for some experienced players, especially if they are playing solo. Even if you have friends to play with, you might still have to deal with situations in Rust that are really difficult to get out of.

However, the difficulty of Rust is what makes it soo fun. It feels really satisfying when you use your skill to overcome all the obstacles the game throws at you. So yes, Rust is hard to play, but if you give it some time, you will have a much easier time playing it.

How to Get Better at Rust?

Rust is not a simple game. There are tons of things that you will have to learn and then master to get better at the game. In most games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, you can perform really well only if you have good aim, but that’s not the case with Rust.

To get better at Rust, the best thing that you can do as a beginner is get into community servers and then get in some practice. Why only community servers? Well, it’s simply because you will not deal with tougher opponents this way. If all you do is die in a match of Rust, you won’t learn anything.

As soon as you enter a server, pick a spot where you want to build a base, get there as soon as possible, and then build your base. Once you are all set up and have a base, just start playing and clock in the hours. The more you play Rust, the more you will get familiar with all the mechanics. So, in short, the best way to get better at Rust is simply by practicing and playing more of the game.

How Many People Play Rust NOW?

Rust is a fairly active game for the most part. While there are a lot of games that struggle with a concurrent player count of around ten to twenty thousand, Rust manages to acquire a much larger concurrent player count.


According to the steam charts, at the time of writing this, you can expect a con concurrent player count of around 40,000 players up to around 150,000 players. This number greatly depends on the time of the day. The peak player count for Rust for the month of May was 133,000 players, which is quite respectable by current standards.

Why is Rust so Popular?

One of the main reasons that Rust is so popular is that it provides a level of social interaction that not a lot of games can. With most other online games, the most social interaction that you get during a match is call-outs. Other than that, you won’t be talking that much with your teammates because it will be distracting and may cause your teammates to lose concentration. However, that’s not the case with Rust. It is simply because most of the time, in a game of Rust, you will be doing low-concentration tasks like gathering resources and exploring the map.

However, when you do actually have to pay attention, it is when you see an enemy, and you have to deal with them. This brings us to the second reason why Rust is so popular, which is that Rust provides an incredible level of satisfaction when you overcome the obstacles that you come across, because of how difficult they are. The world of Rust is not forgiving, and the players that you come across will not go easy on you. All in all, Rust is really fun-to-play game, which is why players are attracted to it.

Is Rust Dying?

Rust has been out for a while now. Rust was launched officially on the 11th of December 2013, and it has been over seven years since then. Around this time of a video game’s life cycle, the player count usually tends to decline. It is also why most people think that Rust might be dying. However, as we dive a bit deeper into Rust’s player count numbers, the truth is actually quite different.

About two or three months after the game launched, the game saw a local peak in its concurrent player count, which was around 59,000 players. After about a year, the average concurrent player count dropped all the way down to 11,000 players. However, that was certainly not the end for the game, as since then, the average concurrent player count has been on a steady uptrend all the way up to April of 2022, peaking at around 125,000 players.

After that peak, the player count remained relatively steady until January of 2021, when we saw a huge spike in the player count. While the player count has dropped since then, the game is healthier than ever, with a solid average player count of 100,000 players. Rust is definitely not dying.


The level of satisfaction that Rust provides after overcoming obstacles is matched by very few other games. When you come across unpredictable situations and have to outsmart your way out of them, getting out of those situations is very rewarding. It is also one of the reasons that there are over 100,000 concurrent players in Rust.

If you have not tried Rust yet, then you should definitely do so because you are missing out on something great. While the game will feel hard at first, if you give it some time, you will get really good at it.


What is Rust Game?

Rust is a multiplayer survival game where players must scavenge for resources, build shelters, and defend themselves against other players and the environment.

What platforms is Rust Game available on?

Rust is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Is Rust Game free to play?

No, Rust is not free to play. Instead, it requires a one-time purchase to play.

What is the objective of Rust Game?

The objective of Rust is to survive in a harsh environment by gathering resources, building shelter, and defending against other players and the environment.

Can I play Rust Game alone?

Yes, you can play Rust alone, but it is designed as a multiplayer game and can be much more challenging without the help of others.

Is Rust Game appropriate for children?

Rust has a mature rating due to violence, nudity, and strong language, so it is inappropriate for children.

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