What To Do In RuneScape?

Are you thinking about starting to play RuneScape? Are you confused about what to do in RuneScape? Well, you are at the right place. Here is our extensive take on what to do in RuneScape.

Key Takeaways

  • RuneScape is a vast game with several things to do, such as PVM, PVP, completing quests, training skills, and playing with friends.
  • Completing quests in RuneScape is an excellent way to progress through the game’s storyline and earn valuable items.
  • Training skills like Strength, Defence, Attack, and Cooking in RuneScape can be very helpful and increase a player’s level.
  • Playing RuneScape with friends makes it even more enjoyable, regardless of the activity.
  • It’s essential to learn combat mechanics before engaging in PVP activities, as high-risk PVP can result in losing all items.



If it is your first time playing RuneScape, you should check out PVM. PVM or Player Versus Monster is one of the most fun things to do in RuneScape, and you can easily spend several hours taking part in RuneScape PVM.

The great thing about RuneScape is that there are a ton of monsters that you can kill. Each one of those monsters has unique character models, attacks, and strength levels. You might have to find unique ways to deal with those monsters.

On top of all that, you also get to test out the combat mechanics of RuneScape. If all of that sounds fun, simply roam the world of RuneScape and take fights with monsters.



While RuneScape PVM is super fun, many people prefer PVP instead of PVM. Once you have killed a ton of monsters, you start getting bored.

At the end of the day, monsters are AI controlled and don’t have many unpredictable combat mechanics. If you have the option to fight against real players, the level of unpredictability is on a higher level, which helps make the game feel much more interesting.

Fortunately, RuneScape also has an in-depth PVP mode. The PVP mode allows you to take on duels with other players. While not many people prefer PVP in RuneScape, you can find enough players in RuneScape ready to engage with you in PVP combat.

However, you have to ensure that you are decent at RuneScape combat, or else you will be dying a lot. The worst part is that if you engage in high-risk PVP, you may lose all of your items.



Like most MMO games, RuneScape has an in-depth storyline. RuneScape has its own lore that you can progress through by completing certain quests. Not only that but completing quests also gives players certain valuable items.

One of the most fun things to do in RuneScape is complete quests. The developers have put in a ton of effort to make the quests as in-depth and engaging as possible, which makes them even more fun than PVP and PVM alone. If you are just starting in RuneScape, you should try completing some quests.

Training Skills

Another in-depth component of RuneScape is training skills. Skills are abilities that players can improve on by doing certain actions over and over again that increase their level. Doing certain actions to level up a skill is called training them.

There are 28 skills in RuneScape, with 17 available to free-to-play players. Skills like Strength, Defence, Attack, and Cooking, are super helpful in RuneScape, which is why you should focus a lot on training skills in RuneScape. You can train skills up to level 99, and certain other skills go up to level 120.

Play With Friends

All the things mentioned above are super fun to do. If you want to have a good time, PVP, PVM, completing quests, and training skills are great options. However, RuneScape is an MMO game. RuneScape is meant to be played with other people.

Fighting monsters and completing difficult quests is even more fun when you have a couple of friends helping you on your journey. Regardless of what you plan to do in RuneScape, make sure you do most of it with friends, and you will have ten times more fun.


There are a ton of things to do in RuneScape. You can kill monsters, complete quests, and more. However, if you really want to have fun, make sure you do all those things with a couple of your best friends.


What is PVM in RuneScape?

PVM stands for Player Versus Monster, a game mode where players fight against various monsters in RuneScape.

What is PVP in RuneScape?

PVP stands for Player Versus Player, a game mode where players fight against other players in RuneScape.

Are quests important in RuneScape?

Yes, quests are essential in RuneScape as they allow players to progress through the game’s storyline and earn valuable items.

How many skills are there in RuneScape?

There are 28 skills in RuneScape, with 17 available to free-to-play players.

Can I play RuneScape alone?

Yes, you can play RuneScape alone, but the game is designed to be played with others. It’s more fun to play with friends.

Is it necessary to train skills in RuneScape?

Training skills in RuneScape is unnecessary, but it can help increase a player’s level and unlock new abilities.

Can I lose all my items in high-risk PVP in RuneScape?

Yes, engaging in high-risk PVP in RuneScape can result in losing all your items, so it’s essential to learn combat mechanics before participating.

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