RSMills Review

RSMills Review

Runescape gold prices:
RS3 gold for $0.12/M
OSRS gold for $0.63/M

For cheap Runescape gold with instant delivery, this RSMills review demonstrated that this is a trustworthy site worthy of your hard-earned dough. Delivery was instant, customer support was excellent, and pricing was on par with what similar sites are charging.

  • An established business with 4 years of experience
  • Over 70,000 positive reviews
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat
  • Several secure payment methods including PayPal and CoinBase
  • Refunds permitted within 72 hours of purchase
  • Personal data can be used to prevent fraudulent activity
  • Some payment methods will require an ID verification

About RSMills

Too often, sites promise RS3 Gold or OSRS gold at a fair price with instant delivery, yet most don’t follow through. RSMills is a RuneScape Gold site promising fast order confirmations and trustworthy transactions. In this RSMills review, I’ll help you discern whether this is a safe scam-free site.

RSMills Review

First time hearing about RSMills for RuneScape Gold? Below, I’ll break down the most important aspects of this site to help you save money and make sure RSMills is legit.

  • OSRS gold for $0.63/M
  • RS3 gold for $0.12/M 
  • 5% cashback on all transactions over $50
  • Over 70,000 positive reviews
  • Average delivery time <5 minutes
  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Secure payments via PayPal, Visa, Credit cards, G2A Pay, and CoinBase
  • Highly rated by TrustPilot

Our RSMills Review

Every review I write comes from the perspective of a long term gamer. The first thing I do is to check the overall service. At RSMills, transactions were pretty seamless. All I did was choose the amount of OSRS gold I wanted to purchase, in this case 6M for $3.42, and input my character’s name. From there, I chose my payment method and checked out. Delivery was instantaneous, as promised. That’s probably why the site has over 70,000 positive reviews between their site and TrustPilot.

Nearly every user sites a positive experience with excellent customer service, easy transactions, and low pricing. Customer service is 24/7. If you need help or experience an issue while on the site, you can receive instant help via live chat. Just click the box to initiate and go from there. Overall, I found RSMills to be a great option for anyone looking to buy RuneScape gold as transactions were safe and downloads are instantaneous. In my opinion, this is far from a scam site.


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What Is RSMills ?

RSMills is a site that offers up cheap RuneScape gold to both buyers and sellers. Deliveries are instant and reviews are always positive.

✔️Is RSMills Legit?

RSMills is a legitimate site offering RuneScape gold. Most users cite a positive experience with seamless and secure transactions with great customer service.

✔️Is RSMills Trustworthy?

70,000+ reviewers cite RSMills as being a trustworthy site where goods are delivered as promised. There have been no reports of scamming and payment methods are totally secure.

✔️Did Anyone at RSMills Get Scammed?

There are not currently any reports of any users getting scammed at RSMills . In fact, most reviews were highly positive, making this a site you can trust for RuneScape Gold.

RSMills Review Details

Customer Support
RSMills prices:
RS3 gold for $0.12/M
OSRS gold for $0.63/M
Ease of Use
3.5 Overall Rating