How to Trade Currency in PoE?

Trading is a big part of PoE. With trading, players can get rid of some of the items that they no longer want and get some PoE currency in return. If want to learn more about how to trade currency in PoE, you are at the right place. Here is our take on precisely that.

Trading Items for Currency vs Buying Items with Currency

There are two methods that you can use to trade currency in PoE. The first method is trading in your PoE currency for some PoE items that you want. The other way is to sell your items in exchange for some PoE currency. While the end process for both methods is fairly similar, there are a few differences.

Using PoE Currency to Buy Items

There are a ton of great items in PoE. However, there is a high probability that you don’t have all of the best items. If you want some PoE items, one way is to trade your PoE currency for them. To buy in-game items with PoE currency, you must use the official trading site for Path of Exile items.

To open the official site for PoE trading you can simply type PoE trading in the google search bar and then click on the first link. Or, you can use Once on the official PoE trading site, you will have to search for the item that you want to buy. You can use the built-in filters for that.

Once you enter the search terms to find the item you want and start the search, you will be presented with a list of items. Pick the one that you want from this list.

On the listing for the particular item you are looking for, you will be able to see a button labeled “Whisper.” Click on this button. Clicking on it will copy a stream of text that you will have to paste into the in-game chat. This will automatically send an in-game message to the seller notifying them that you are willing to buy the item.

If the seller is online at the time, they will message you back. After that, they will invite you to their hideout so that you can make the trade. Before heading to the hideout, make sure that you have the currency in your inventory.

Trading PoE Items for PoE Currency

The process of selling an item is a bit different. When you want to sell your item, you will have to list it on the website instead of going there and finding an item for yourself. To be able to list items on the PoE trading site, you will need the premium stash tab. You can buy this tab from the PoE microtransaction shop.

Once you have the premium stash tab, open it and right-click to set it to public. Pick an item you want to sell, and then drop it into this premium tab. Right-click on the item and set the price you want for it.

Once the items are listed, potential buyers will send you an in-game message, just as you sent a message by clicking on the “Whisper” button. After that, it is simply a matter of creating trade and then completing it.

Final Thoughts

Trading is a great way to either get some PoE currency for items that you don’t want or get a new item with some PoE currency. Always make sure to double-check the price of items so that you can get a decent deal.

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