Is Gaming Popular?

Gaming has come a long way since we saw the first-ever video game. Back in the early days of video games, a video game was just an experiment. Gaming wasn’t even a term that people knew the meaning of. As video games and video game consoles started to enter the market and became commercial products, more and more people started to get familiar with them. With all that gaming has gone through, there may still exist room for growth. Here we will be discussing all there is to know about the popularity of gaming and figure out if gaming is popular.

How Many People Play Video Games?

It was only about fifteen or so years ago that gaming was not that common. Playing catch or other outdoor sports was a common sight, and most people did not even know about eSports. However, a lot more people are playing video games these days. Almost everyone you know has played a video game at least once in their lifetime.

Let’s discuss some facts. According to a 2017 report by Nielsen, 64% of the U.S. population over 13 years old plays video games. It includes all devices. In 2017 USA had a population of 325.1 million. According to this data, there were a total of 208 million gamers in 2017, and that’s only the United States. According to a report by J. Clement, there were 2.81 billion gamers worldwide in 2021. Not only that but according to the same report, this number is expected to grow up to 3.07 billion.

How Much Money Is In Gaming?

Over the years, gaming has slowly made its way into the entertainment industry. This coupled with the insanely high number of gamers in the world, there exists a potential of generating some serious revenue. And that is exactly what has been happening over the years since gaming transitioned into the entertainment industry.

With the rise of the eSports scene, gaming also branched out into becoming a spectator sport, which allowed both tournament and other large-scale event organizers to generate huge amounts of revenue as well. Along with that, it is not just the video game developers, publishers, and event organizers that make money in gaming. Gamers themselves also have tons of opportunities for making money, which adds to the total value of the gaming industry.

Again, let’s talk numbers. According to a report published by J. Clement, the global video game industry was valued at 52.8 billion US dollars in 2012. Since then, the evaluation of the global video game industry has been growing at an astounding rate. In 2021, the video game industry was valued at 138.4 billion US dollars. That’s a whole lot of money. Not only that but there is tons of money being made by individual gamers as well. The top Twitch streamers earn upwards of over a million US dollars. All these numbers are only expected to grow from here.

What Makes Gaming So Popular?

There are two main reasons for the incredible growth in the number of gamers around the world. The first reason is that gaming is simply fun. Just imagine, you are with your friends in an online game, and all of you are battling against another team, trying to win the match. Or imagine that you are racing some of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world. Or maybe you are taking on a journey along a path full of monsters and other enemies. All these things make gaming super enjoyable.

The second reason is that gaming is very accessible. Almost everyone these days has either a computer or an internet connection in their homes. These are the only things required for anyone to enter the world of gaming. It is also not that difficult to run most video games. Even an old laptop can run some of the most common eSports titles.

The Bottom Line

With the insanely large amounts of gamers around the world and the tons of money being generated by the gaming industry, there is no doubt that gaming is super popular. Almost everyone you meet has played a video game at least once in their lifetime. The reason for this is simple, gaming is just fun. You can socialize in online multiplayer games and find new friends, or you can relax in a casual single-player game. There is a video game for everyone. Not only that, but video games are easily accessible. Almost everyone these days has the necessary equipment required to get into the world of video games.

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