What Does DDOS Mean In Gaming?

If you have been playing online video games for a long time now, you may have come across several occasions where some of your online friends used the phrase “DDoS” or “DDoS Attack” while playing an online game with you. You also may have noticed that your friends are using the term “DDoS” while the game you are playing is lagging uncontrollably. Other things that you may have noticed include high pings of up to 400ms or even 800ms +, rubberbanding, and jittery gameplay. All these things arise when you and other players in your lobby are under a DDoS attack.

But what actually is a DDoS attack. DDoS is short for “Distributed Denial of Service”. A DDoS attack will increase your ping to levels that the game becomes completely unplayable. The most common way that attackers conduct a DDoS attack is by sending tons of junk internet traffic to the victim’s computer. It puts tons of load on your network, and you start to lag.

You may be wondering why would someone do this? What is there to gain by making a game unplayable for other players. Well, it’s simple, cheaters will always find a way to win a match by unfair means. If you start lagging and have high ping, you are not much of a threat to the opponent. And if you start rubberbanding then you are most certainly going to lose. So if you start lagging and see your ping rise for no apparent reason, you may be under a DDoS attack.

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