What Does WP Mean In Gaming?

In the world of gaming, WP is short for the term “Well Played”. However, the term “Well Played” was not coined by gamers. It was a part of general sports long before gaming was a thing. The term “Well Played” is most commonly used in the world of sports today as well. It is used to commend the opponent for doing something impressive during a match. For example, let’s say that two professional players are playing snooker, and one of them pulls off an impressive move and wins the game. The opponent will say “Well Played” to commend them for their impressive victory. It is not only good manners, but it is also good sportsmanship.

When it comes to online gaming, it is us gamers that came up with the short form “WP” for representing “Well Played”. It is simply because most gamers use the in-game chat to communicate with each other and “WP” is a lot easier to type than the whole word “Well Played”.

Just like it is customary to commend your opponent by saying “Well Played” if they win against you, it is also considered good manners to type “WP” in the chat congratulating the enemy team for an impressive victory. Even if your team wins the match, but the enemy team puts up an impressive fight, a “WP” is in order. Doing this will also help reduce some of the toxicity in the world of online gaming.

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