What Is APM In Gaming?

APM stands for Actions Per Gaming in the world of video games. It is the measure of the number of actions that a player can perform in a minute. It is used to measure the performance of a player in video games. It is mostly used in real-time strategy or fighting games, like StarCraft. The term Actions Per Minute is rarely used for first-person shooter video games.

You may be wondering what APM actually is and how it is used to measure the performance of a gamer. Let’s take the example of StarCraft. In StarCraft, players are required to perform multiple actions at any given instant. If a player can perform all the necessary actions faster than their opponent, they will get a competitive edge. In this way, the player that has the ability to perform the most actions has a higher chance of winning. Since APM is just the measure of how many actions a player can perform in a minute, the player with the highest APM will be the one that has a higher chance of winning.

APM is also a measure of skill. This is because it is not easy to perform tons of actions in one minute. A beginner will most likely have an APM of 50, which means that they can perform an average of 50 actions per minute. However, professional players usually have an APM of 350. Some pro players even have an APM of as high as 450.

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