Where Does Elden Ring Take Place?

One of the best things about video games is the exploration. You get to explore worlds you never would have been able to in real life. Elden Ring also has a world full of unique locations to explore. But where does the game actually take place? Here is our take on where Elden Ring takes place.

Where Do Video Games Take Place?

Video games usually have an in-depth story or at least a plot that explains what is happening inside the video game. Sometimes, those stories are based on real-life events. Other times, which is most often the case, those stories have completely fictional events.

It is these stories that explain where a particular video game takes place. Since these stories are sometimes fictional, places that those video games take place in can also be made up. For example, the world you see in The Legend of Zelda, Hyrule, is fictional. Hyrule has no relation anywhere from the real world.

While some video games might have made-up stories that have no relation to events from the real world, they can sometimes have places that exist. For example, Marvel’s Spider-Man game takes place on Manhattan Island, an actual place in the real world.

Some video games take place in fictional locations based on real-world locations and look quite similar to their real-world counterparts. For example, Grand Theft Auto 5 has Vespucci Beach, a beach modeled on Venice Beach, with Venice Beach being the real-world location. Also, Mafia 2 takes place in Empire Bay, which is modeled on New York City.

Where Exactly Does Elden Ring Take Place?

As we have already mentioned, we can figure out where video games take place by looking at their lore or story. According to the lore of the game, Elden Ring takes place in a location called “The Lands Between.”

The Lands Between was ruled by a Queen named Marika. Under Queen Marika’s rule, The Lands Between was thriving, which included everyone and everything in it. It is because everything within Queen Marika’s rule got governed according to a “Greater Will,” which was a set of rules that ensured everything in The Lands Between would go smoothly without many conflicts.

However, that did not last long, and the world of Elden Ring soon became full of chaos. Queen Marika used the power of the Elden Ring to keep everything in balance, but they got shattered in an event called the sharding. Since Elden Ring was no more, everything in The Lands Between lost control, with conflicts constantly breaking out.

The broken pieces of the Elden Ring were still very powerful, which is why the children of Marika waged large-scale wars to acquire them. The main goal of our character is also to acquire all the pieces of the Elden Ring.

What Does The World Of Elden Ring Look Like?

The Lands Between is a magical and fictional world. The world is full of magical and mystical-looking locations which you can explore, with the most distinctive feature being the giant tree you can see practically from all parts of the map. This giant tree is called the Erdtree.

As you explore the world of Elden Ring, you come across some of the weirdest-looking creatures you have ever seen in video games. You also come across some of the most majestic bosses as you engage in awe-inspiring battles with them.

Final Thoughts

Elden Ring takes place in a world called “The Lands Between.” One of the most distinctive features of The Lands Between is the giant tree called the Erdtree. If you just started playing Elden Ring, an impressive world with unique locations is waiting for you to explore.

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