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CSGO cases are super popular amongst the CSGO community. Basically, CSGO cases are in-game items that players can open with the help of an in-game key. To open a particular case, players need a specific key that only opens that particular case. Once a player opens a case they will receive a random CSGO skin out of ones that are available in the particular case that is opened. This whole process is super exciting as players have a slight chance of getting some of the rarest skins of the game. This excitement factor is one of the main reasons for the popularity of CSGO cases.

The growing popularity of CSGO cases has given rise to online third-party CSGO case opening platforms. At this moment, you can easily find tons of CSGO case-opening websites on the internet. However, finding the best CSGO case opening websites from the ones available is a bit difficult. Since money is involved in these platforms, there is always a chance of getting scammed. If you don't want to end up on a scam website, it is crucial that you figure out which platforms are the best. To make the decision easier for you, we have created a list of the best CSGO case opening websites.

10 Best CSGO Case Opening Websites of February 2023

Get 5% deposit bonus and 3 free boxes
5.0 rating
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
Free cases and rewards daily
4.5 rating
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
Create your own cases and get earning
4.3 rating
Offers exceptional daily rewards and bonuses
4.3 rating
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
Loyalty program with great rewards
4.0 rating
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
Premium subscription with free rewards and exclusive cases
3.8 rating
Offers a huge jackpot with massive rewards
3.8 rating
Offers different types of PvP and PvE games
3.8 rating
Chance to win massive jackpot prizes and rewards
3.5 rating
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
CSGO Knife Cases starting from $8
3.3 rating
Best CSGO Case Opening Websites

Our Top CSGO Case Opening Website Picks

Why We Picked It

Ranks #1 out of 18 CSGO Case Opening Websites

CSGORoll checks all the right boxes when it comes to an online skin gambling platform. CSGORoll is also super popular amongst the CSGO community. A lot of YouTubers are covering it and making informative videos about it on their channels. And in our experience, when we tried CSGORoll, the feelings were pretty much the same.

Furthermore, most websites that deal with CSGO skins are usually cluttered with a lot of information when you first look at it, which makes the entire process quite intimidating. With CSGORoll, that is not the case. It’s very well-made, with quick and easy access to the different games available, and when you add this with a very rewarding daily bonus system and a hassle-free registration process, CSGORoll is quite the package.

Read full CSGORoll review here.

  • The registration process for CSGORoll is super easy and quick. It took us about three clicks and about thirty seconds to complete the registration process.
  • There are a lot of methods available for making a deposit and topping up the balance. A variety of deposit methods allows almost everyone to take part in the activities available on the platform.
  • The animations for the activities/games are fluid and appealing.
  • Live on-site chat is available for all kinds of issues.
  • The voice chatting feature in PVP mode makes the experience super engaging.
  • The only con for CSGORoll is that withdrawal can only be made in terms of CSGO Skins or Keys.

2. DatDrop

Ranks #2 out of 18 CSGO Case Opening Websites

The success of a platform or website for attracting users depends on how they manage to target a larger audience. One of the ways to do this is by adding variety. If a platform has more variety, it will be able to target a larger audience. This is exactly what we saw in DatDrop. DatDrop has cases ranging from as low as a few cents up to several hundred dollars. Not only that, but the platform gives out free cases and rewards daily. As far as our DatDrop review is concerned, we liked it a lot.

DatDrop also has the Upgrade and Case Battle features. In Case Battles, several players open the same case, and the one that gets the largest total will get all the skins. To conclude the DatDrop review, it is clear that the platform is meant to suit a large audience, and it is also a great case-opening website.

Read full DatDrop review here.

  • At the DatDrop website players are given access to regular free drops including free cases that they can open and claim the rewards.
  • DatDrop has an extensive variety of cases to choose from when it comes to price. Almost everyone can find a case that will fit their budget.
  • DatDrop is amongst the few case opening sites that allow withdrawals to be made through Ethereum.
  • DatDrop allows its users to choose from 10 different languages.
  • DatDrop is not the best when it comes to case opening animations. There are other several options that have great animations.

Ranks #3 out of 18 CSGO Case Opening Websites

With tons of case opening websites available on the internet, catching the eyes of potential users is not that easy. CSGOLive stands out amongst all other case opening platforms because of its unique “Case Creator” feature. With this feature, players can build their very own custom cases. Players can choose from a wide selection of different skins and add them to their custom cases.

CSGOLive is also amongst the safest online case opening platforms. CSGOLive meets all the necessary security standards for the privacy of user information. For example, the SSL encryption protocol is implemented on the website, which prevents valuable user data from getting into the wrong hands. As far as our CSGOLive review is concerned, we like it a lot. Ending the CSGOLive review, we can conclude that CSGOLive is a safe and one of the finest case opening platforms, with a unique custom case creator feature.

Read full CSGOLive review here.

  • CSGOLive has the lowest amount of limitations when it comes to availability in a particular country. It is available in a staggering 192 countries.
  • Users of the CSGOLive platform have access to the case creator feature, which lets them create custom cases.
  • CSGOLive has an extensive FAQ section that covers almost all common questions and queries.
  • Players can choose from a selection of 9 different languages to view the website in.
  • Players receive daily bonuses on top of the free sign-up bonus.
  • Along with CSGO cases, cases for Dota 2 are also available.
  • CSGOLive is limited to only case openings.

Ranks #4 out of 18 CSGO Case Opening Websites

While using the WTFSkins website ourselves, the first thing that caught our eyes was how easy to use it is. WTFSkins takes a straightforward approach. There is little to no clutter on the website. Along with that, the website also feels very fluid. We experienced little to no loading times while switching from one page to another one.

At WTFSkins, players have access to a total of three casino-style games, namely crash, roulette and jackpot, and that’s it. It is great for beginners, but some people may prefer more games.

WTFSkins has several other features that make it an attractive CSGO skin gambling platform. WTFSkins offers exceptional daily rewards and bonuses. Not only that but it also meets all the security and legitimacy standards. As far as our WTFSkins review is concerned, it certainly leans on the positive side. WTFSkins is amongst the best online CSGO skin gambling platforms.

Read full WTFSkins review here.

  • There are a total of 9 languages available for players to choose from for the WTFSkins website.
  • WTFSkins is one of the few online gambling platforms to be available in over 180 countries and is available in almost all large countries.
  • Users for the WTFSkins platform can take advantage of the daily bonuses feature.
  • The process of making a deposit or a withdrawal on WTFSkins is very efficient and is amongst the fastest.
  • WTFSkins allows users to sign-up with their steam account.
  • WTFSkins does not have an extensive selection of games that players can place bets on.

5. CSG.Bet

Ranks #5 out of 18 CSGO Case Opening Websites

CSG.Bet is one of the few online skin trading platforms that not only offers a trading service but also allows users to play some gambling games like crash or coinflip and open skin cases. The games that are supported at CSG.Bet include CSGO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and Rust. Skins for all supported games can be traded in the same section, which makes it easier to trade skins for different games. There is also a live chat feature that users can use to chat with each other.

The site has no security issues. The website is encrypted using an SSL encryption protocol, which helps protect the information that you enter on the site. We extensively used the CSG.Bet website, and we found it to be quite easy to use, with little to no lag.

Despite all that, the CSG.Bet platform is not perfect. While there is a wide variety of skins to choose from, there aren’t a lot of them. There are also no deposit methods besides in-game items. The site also doesn’t look that great and has odd font sizes. As far as our CSG.Bet review is concerned, while there are better options out there, CSG.Bet is worth a try.

Read full CSG.Bet review here.

  • CSG.Bet allows users to trade CSGO, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, and Rust skins all in the same section.
  • CSG.Bet has a live chat feature where users can chat with each other.
  • CSG.Bet has a wide variety of in-game items to choose from, with some items over a thousand dollars and some under ten dollars.
  • CSG.Bet also allows users to open cases for CSGO, Rust, and Team Fortress 2.
  • You can get free coins at CSG.Bet using referral or promo codes.
  • There are no deposit methods besides in-game items.
  • There are not a lot of cases to choose from.

Ranks #6 out of 18 CSGO Case Opening Websites

Hellcase is one of the oldest platforms to provide a case opening service to CSGO players. The platform is full of plus points that we had to include in our Hellcase review. Firstly the website not only has CSGO cases but Dota 2 cases as well. Hence, Hellcase proves to be the best for players who like both games. The cases being displayed on the website can be switched from CSGO cases to Dota 2 with the press of a button.

Navigating through the Hellcase website felt like navigating through an in-game menu. It is because of the interactive animations and sounds that are a part of the Hellcase website. This made our experience with the platform that much more enjoyable. To finalize the Hellcase review, it is clear to us that it is a great case opening website for CSGO and Dota 2 cases. It is also highly reputable with a massive community.

Read full Hellcase review here.

  • Hellcase is one of the most popular case opening platforms with a strong community.
  • As a plus point for CSGO players that play Dota 2 as well, Hellcase supports case openings for not only CSGO but also Dota 2.
  • The Hellcase website supports a total of 13 languages.
  • Hellcase rewards its users with daily free bonuses and regular giveaways.
  • The Hellcase website has interactive sounds that make it feel more like a game than a website.
  • Hellcase allows players to seamlessly switch from CSGO to Dota 2 with the press of a button.
  • No live chat support is available.

Ranks #7 out of 18 CSGO Case Opening Websites

We are always on the lookout for online CSGO case opening platforms that have an attractive UI and great graphics. The DaddySkins website is one of the best-looking websites that we have come across so far. With its great graphics and attractive images and illustrations, the DaddySkins has the potential for attracting a lot of users.

A platform also needs to provide a good enough service to get a lot of users. The DaddySkins platform exceeds this by a great margin, providing one of the best case opening services out there. The case opening feature is simple and easy to use. DaddySkins also has a huge selection of cases to choose from. Not only that, but Upgrade and Case Battles are also available at DaddySkins.

After trying and testing out DaddySkins ourselves, we can say this without any doubt this is one of the better websites out there when it comes to CSGO case openings.

Read full DaddySkins review here.

  • DaddySkins has one of the best user interfaces with great animations and appealing graphics of the weapon skins and icons.
  • DaddySkins allows its users to make withdrawals, not only in terms of skins, but also Ethereum as well.
  • Several events take place on the DaddySkins website, where players get access to several discounts, promos, and giveaways. Examples include Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • Cases as low as a few cents are also available on the DaddySkins platform.
  • Although the email support system is quite efficient, DaddySkins has no live chat support feature available for its users.

Ranks #8 out of 18 CSGO Case Opening Websites

We used the CSGOFast platform for ourselves and after trying out their service, we found the website to be quite simple and easy to use. CSGOFast focuses on providing CSGO skin gambling services, and it does this exceptionally well. There are tons of different games that players can gamble on and, there is even a case opening feature on the website. The platform also offers different types of PvP and PvE games, so if you like playing against other players, the website has got that covered.

CSGOFast is one of the oldest CSGO skin gambling platforms and has been operating since 2015. All the necessary licensing that is required for a gambling platform to operate is acquired by the platform. Proper security measures are also employed on their website. In conclusion of our CSGOFast review, it is safe and a practical platform for CSGO skin gambling.

Read full CSGOFast review here.

  • CSGOFast has a large selection of games for players to choose from.
  • A lot of cryptocurrency deposit methods are available on the CSGOFast website, including relatively uncommon ones like Dash, Tron, Zcash, and Dogecoin.
  • On top of a large number of games to choose from, CSGOFast allows players to open cases.
  • CSGOFast allows players to display their balance in a total of six different fiat currencies which makes it easier for users to get an idea of the actual value they are gambling.
  • A live chat support feature is available.
  • Not a lot of withdrawal options.

Ranks #9 out of 18 CSGO Case Opening Websites

When it comes to online betting websites, or any other website for that matter, what makes them retain or grow the number of users is how user-friendly they are. Providing the best service in the market is not always enough, especially for a new platform. If a website is difficult to use, users will either ignore it or, they will switch over to other platforms.

While using the CSGOLuck website, the first thing that stood out was how simple everything was. We had zero problems navigating through all the options and menus. Overall the website felt really well-made.

Along with being super easy to use, CSGOLuck also has an attractive design. The design of all the icons and the graphics for the weapon skins were high quality and very appealing. As far as our CSGOLuck review is concerned, the platform is great for beginners looking to get into CSGO skin betting.

Read full CSGOLuck review here.

  • The layout of the website for CSGOLuck is very easy to navigate through. The UI is user-friendly, with all the icons perfectly placed.
  • All major deposit options are available in CSGOLuck, including non-fiat options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and CSGO Skins as well.
  • The sign-up process for CSGOLuck is very straightforward. A user can create their account on CSGOLuck and start placing bets within seconds.
  • The graphics for all the weapon skins are super crisp and highly detailed
  • The website is fairly new, so sometimes it's hard to find active players to play certain modes with.
  • Users can only make withdrawals in CSGO Skins.

Ranks #10 out of 18 CSGO Case Opening Websites

The cases that you get within CSGO are great and all, but they never really seem to give a rare skin. However, there are places on the internet where you can open CSGO cases with much better odds. One of such places is the Hltv.Store platform and we decided to try it out for ourselves so we can get a better idea of what it’s like. After using the Hltv.Store website for several hours, the first thing that popped out was the cases. There is a large library of cases and all of them fall within the budget for almost everyone. There are cases worth 1.1 USD and cases worth 350 USD for the ballers.

The site is also quite easy to use. What’s great about Hltv.Store is that there is a live chat support feature as well. When it comes to making deposits, there are a ton of options at Hltv.Store including some of the most popular crypto deposit options like Bitcoin and Ethereum. On top of all that, the website also has an SSL encryption protocol that makes it completely safe to use. Concluding this Hltv.Store review, if you want to open CSGO cases at a reliable platform, you should consider trying Hltv.Store.

Read full Hltv.Store review here.

  • Hltv.Store has a wide selection of cases to choose from, with rates that fit almost everyone's budget.
  • The Hltv.Store platform is super popular, with around 1000 to 3000 active users and over 14,000 registered users./li>
  • You can also purchase classic CSGO cases at the Hltv.Store website.
  • Hltv.Store has an effective and responsive live chat support feature.
  • A lot of payment options are available at Hltv.Store including most of the popular crypto payment options.
  • Hltv.Store website is encrypted with the SSL encryption protocol.
  • Besides English, Russian, and Portuguese, there is no other language available.

What to Consider When Choosing CSGO Case Opening Websites?

Case opening is fun. Deciding on a case opening website is not. It is not that easy to figure it out. To help you with that, here are some of the most important things to consider while choosing a CSGO case opening website.

  • Legitimacy & Trustworthiness: If you enter a website that is not legitimate or trustworthy, you could get scammed or get your information leaked. Make sure that the site you are about to use is perfectly legitimate and trustworthy.
  • Deposit Options: If you are looking for a particular deposit option like PayPal or maybe skrill, it makes no sense to use a case opening site that does not have that deposit option.
  • Verity of Cases: This is a subjective feature. If you are fine with a small number of cases, then you will have no problem. However, if you want more variety, make sure that the platform has enough cases to meet your needs.
  • Customer Support: If you run into a problem trying to withdraw the items you got from opening the cases, you would want some instant help. For that reason, it is important to figure out whether a platform has responsive customer support.

How We Test CSGO Case Opening Websites?

We have a strict testing methodology that we use to test out each case opening site before adding it to our list of the best platforms. Here are the steps we go through while testing a platform.

  • We check their online reputation: The first thing that we do while testing a platform is looking at what other people think about it. In this way, we not only get a better idea of what the platform is like, but we also find any red flags or scam accusations.
  • We check their prices: No one likes to pay extra for the same service they can get for cheaper. For this reason, we also compare the prices with other platforms.
  • We try their service:  One of the most important things we do while testing a platform is trying it ourselves, which means making payments and testing out the services that the platform offers.
  • How easy everything was: Finally, after trying the platform for several hours, we conclude with our final verdict based on our experience with the platform. This includes whether we had fun while opening cases at the website and if it was easy for us to use the platform.


While figuring out the best CSGO case opening platform, a few things should be taken into consideration. A good platform will always be completely legitimate, will have proper security measures for its website, and will have a relatively good reputation. For this reason, we have constructed a review method that takes these points and many others into account. Other aspects that we analyze include the user-friendliness of the website, customer support, and features. Along with this, we thoroughly test each website extensively for several hours before adding it to our list of the best CSGO case opening websites.  

That said, at the end of the day, it is very difficult to pick one platform out of several great options. This is because personal preference plays a huge role in determining the best CSGO case opening platform. One person may prefer a particular platform for the different payment options that are available on it, while another person may prefer some other platform for its UI. Hence, the only way to figure out the best online case opening platform is to test out some of the platforms for yourselves and decide which features matter to you the most.

Our Top CSGO Case Opening Websites
5.0 rating
Get 5% deposit bonus and 3 free boxes
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
4.5 rating
Free cases and rewards daily
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
4.3 rating
Create your own cases and get earning
4.3 rating
Offers exceptional daily rewards and bonuses
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is the best CSGO case opening website?

The best CSGO case opening website will always check certain boxes. These boxes include being completely legitimate, secure, and having zero scam accusations. That being said, the decision of choosing one particular platform to be the best one for you depends entirely on your personal preferences and priorities. However, to make the job of choosing easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best website available.

✔️ Is it safe to use CSGO case opening websites?

There is certainly some risk in using CSGO case opening websites, but the risk is only there for non-legitimate and poorly rated platforms. Platforms that have acquired all proper licensing and employ industry-leading security measures for their website like the SSL encryption protocol, are completely safe to use.

✔️Can you get banned for using CSGO case opening websites?

Third-party CSGO case opening websites have no link in any way whatsoever with the game itself or steam. You use separate payment methods for making payments on these websites and skin withdrawals are made through the P2P method. This means that getting banned for using these websites is not a possibility.

✔️Are CSGO case opening websites legal?

There are several licensing authorities that legitimize CSGO case opening websites. This means that CSGO case opening websites are certainly legal. However, some countries have laws against these kinds of platforms so it is best to make sure that you are not breaking any of your country's laws before using such platforms.

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