Why Are There More Male Gamers Than Female?

According to most statistics, the number of female gamers is not much less than their counterparts. However, it might not seem that way. This is because of the toxic community and the hostile behavior towards women. So, they tend to keep their identity a secret and not out themselves as a “woman” online.

A lot of games have a predominantly male audience. This is because most games are marketed so that they appeal more to men. Over 95% of games have male protagonists, and those with a female are often highly exaggerated and are portrayed as a symbol of innocence and love only. This is not something that is insulting; however, to some, it may seem offensive. Game developers should consider the demographic information to resonate with female gamers as it does with men.

When looking at the number of core gamers, we see that women are in the minority once again. This divergence in the number of core gamers can be attributed to the lack of opportunities and the financial barriers. As mentioned before, there is not a considerable gap in the number of female gamers; it is just that most “AAA” titles have a dominant male audience, and so, in many cases, female gamers are overlooked. However, as the industry matures, this diversity is also narrowing down, which is a good sign for the gaming industry, and something game developers should look forward to.

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