Why Do Gamers Hate Furries?

Furries are generally a group of people on the internet with a similar interest in colorful, fluffy cartoon animals. From an external perspective, this is not usually made fun of, so why is it that gamers specifically hate these groups of people?

One of the main reasons for hatred towards the furry community is a wrong first impression and how social media portrays them. Due to this, many gamers who hear about furries for the first time are told only the negative aspects. So if you hear about something for the first time and the only characteristics you hear are bad, then it is more than likely that you will form a strong bias towards it, which then leads to stereotypes.

Furthermore, there is this perception among gamers that furries are weird. They think of them as unusual and frightening creatures. Also, a significant reason for mutual hatred towards this community is that hating furries is a meme. Most people find it easier to attack and make fun of something unusual or different.

The furry fandom is often misunderstood for its grotesque art and inappropriate behavior online. A lot of people, especially gamers, find this sickening and cringe. Although this doesn’t describe the whole furry community as it is amusing for some to make fun of them online, their negative traits are often highlighted more than the positives. Moreover, a lot of furries have liberal viewpoints that most people disagree with. So furries become an easy target for criticism.

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